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A company focused in dedication and excellence at their services


We love to receive and treat our customers the best way possible, always improving the facilities, constantly evolving!

We started our hotels in 1986 with our first hotel, called Master Palace Hotel.Today we are the leading hotel company in Porto Alegre, with 10 properties in strategic areas of the city, and 1755 rooms overall. With the experience and knowledge learned over the years, and the goal to keep the company aligned with our customer needs, we expand our hotel chain to other destinations as Curitiba, Parana StateĀ“s capital and Gramado, the main touristic destination in Rio Grande do Sul.

We are constantly dedicated to offering excellent services, comfort in our installations and a highly trained and focused staff.

Master Hotels work with 2 different hotel's styles, offering different products for different needs, for business or leisure.

Our Categories

Learn more about our different categories and find out which one is perfect for you:

Comfort is essential

The perfect accommodation to the guests looking for a cozy and comfortable hotel. The Premium hotels are located in privileged areas and offer personalized services, including modern and equipped rooms, with all the comfort that our guests deserve. Besides, we offer other personalized services, as room service and messenger.

Convenience really matters

The ideal accommodation for the guests looking for the best value for money aligned to the best locations. Free Wi-Fi and breakfast helps to make your stay even more practical and affordable.